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WWII AN-J-3 Leather Flight Jacket

WWII AN-J-3 Leather Flight Jacket

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Rare WWII AN-J-3 Army/Navy Leather flight Jacket. Most likely made by Willis and Gieger. These never came labeled. This particular flight jacket was developed for both the Army Airforces and the US Naval and Marine Aviators as a cost saving measure through stadardization. AN-J-3 stands for Army, Navy, jacket and the 3 for third jacket developed. The next version, the AN-J-3A would look like what we know as the G-1 style flight jacket. Unlike this jacket which truely clear mixture of the Navy's M-442 (G-1) and the Army's A-2. Not uncommon for WWII flight jackets theres a 1950's replacement Talon zipper. Orignal knit cuffs and waistband.


Chest Size: 42"

Sleave Length: 35"

Torso Length: 25"

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