Since opening Klaxon Howl in 2005 owner and designer Matt Robinson has drawn inspiration from the archives of his legendary collection of vintage militaria, workwear and sportswear of the early to mid 20th century. These important, relevant pieces, books and films are studied and echoed in each design. The entire Klaxon Howl collection is thoughtfully produced by hand, locally and in small batches using construction techniques rarely seen in modern North American manufacturing. 


Matt works with quality fabrics that lend them selves to each design. Though many are woven on looms from countries as far away as the UK and Japan each piece is cut and sewn with pride right here in Toronto. Matt’s commitment to quality materials is matched by his devotion to Canadian made products, and all work is done here in his small but mighty Toronto Factory.

Over the years Matt has put his talents toward designing for a number of Toronto-based cultural projects, including the uniforms for the Union Express. He has also designed, developed and manufactured clothing and accessories for other brands, retailers, restaurants, musicians, film and television. Because we have our own in-house factory that’s connected to the shop we do a lot of custom manufacturing for our clients. Whether it’s up-cycling a unique vintage garment/object or using fabrics from within our inventory the results are unique, one of a kind, made to measure pieces. I liken it to an open concept kitchen within a restaurant. You can see our products being made before your eyes. Something that is rarely experienced within the clothing retail/shopping landscape.Our commitment to reducing our manufacturing waste and carbon footprint is reflected in the fact that all of our fabric off cuts/scrap are recycled and turned into other products such as wiping rags. And because our brick and mortar shop and factory are under one roof there’s no shipping involved in getting our products to market. We make garments that are designed to last years and years but if/when they do eventually become worn, thread bare or damaged we encourage they be brought back to us to be repaired and given a second life. No disposable, fast fashion here. We call the products we make FUTURE VINTAGE.

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